Hamman Excavating

Hamman Excavating is an excavating company located in Corpus Cristi, TX.  We offer a variety of services including septic systems, tree removal, brush clearing, driveways, pads, footings, grading, leveling, and more.  Hamman Excavating handles many commercial projects as well as some residential.  


Trouble spot on your property here in Corpus Cristi? Need better drainage? Need to improve a landscape? Hamman provides quality grading and leveling.

Grading and leveling your lot, yard, landscape and gardens will allow you to enjoy and protect the structural integrity of your home or business. Planning the grade of your landscape features is the first step towards easy maintenance and a successful lawn or garden area.

When you are planning your landscape, keep in mind that a gentle slope is recommended for at least the first ten feet away from the foundation of your property. This slope should be a minimum of one inch per ten feet. The same pitch is recommended for drainage on brick, stone or concrete patios. If you do not have a professional slope measuring instrument, Hamman can help.

Properly grading and leveling your landscape will pay off in the years to come.