Hamman Excavating

Hamman Excavating is an excavating company located in Corpus Cristi, TX.  We offer a variety of services including septic systems, tree removal, brush clearing, driveways, pads, footings, grading, leveling, and more.  Hamman Excavating handles many commercial projects as well as some residential.  


Clearing brush can be a very challenging task as a property owner. Whether your property has become overgrown with brush or you need to reshape your landscape, Hamman can help by clearing field-grass, vines, briers, thickets, small sapling trees, and heavy brush areas.  

We can help you reclaim an over-grown pasture, retention pond, empty lot, or any area that requires work beyond the capability of a regular lawn mower or even a tractor or bush-hog.  Hamman can clear swampy low-lying areas, ravines, ditches, and any other areas where a tractor or other equipment may get stuck.